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Voiceless. Still no representation in NY’s 29th

June 11, 2010

Congress has the Constitutional authority to levy taxes, fund all of the Federal government and declare war.  Because Congress is so powerful, the Founders wanted it to be responsive to the people.  That’s why each Congressman stands for election every two years.  President Obama’s ambitious agenda to transform America makes representation even more critical.

On March 8th Rep. Eric Massa resigned 14 months into his first term, his personal issues, well we all know the basics of the scandal. It’s now long since time to hold a special election and give the people of the 29th Congressional district the representation they deserve.

To hold a special election, Governor Patterson must declare a vacancy and then issue a proclamation; the election follows in thirty to forty days.  First, Patterson said he would “call it as soon as possible.”  Then Patterson caught a case of the slows, his office repeatedly issuing statements that “no final decision has been made yet.”  The slows must be contagious.  Democrat county chairmen were still vetting candidates when Congress passed a $2 trillion health-care overhaul.  We in the 29th district were unrepresented during this vote. 

These county chairmen, including  Shawn Hogan and Cindy Emmer, issued this statement:  “It’s clear that a special election would prove to be very expensive, particularly considering so many counties in the 29th district are struggling financially.  Similarly, we cannot disenfranchise military voters who are currently serving overseas; we must take appropriate steps to make sure their votes are counted.  Gov. Patterson is rightfully taking these concerns into consideration and we believe he will make a decision that reflects what’s best for Southern Tier/Finger Lakes New York.”

In New York’s 20th district, when Kirsten Gillibrand resigned to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate, the special election was held in 64 days.  When John McHugh resigned his seat in New York’s 23rd district, the special election was held in 43 days.  As of  June 1st, it is 84 days since Massa resigned.  If a special is called, it will be another 30 to 40 days until the election.  What are we waiting for?  If no special election is held, we’ll break the record for non-representation in New York’s 29th of 184 days, set in 1827.

We should all contact Gov. Patterson and demand that he call a special election.  Tell him to support the 654,360 people of the 29th in their desire to be represented in Congress.

Cattaraugus Tea Party Demands Special Election in NY 29

Posted on May 3, 2010

To all:  On Sunday at 2pm we, along with 912 Victor Tea Party, held a protest rally in Canandaigua, NYCathy Young and Tom Reed, among others, spoke to a crowd of seventy.  We were well covered by the Olean Times Herald (read article).  They’ve been doing a really good job covering our young group.

Kriss is still checking the other newspapers in the district to see how extensive the coverage was.


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