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This is one person without a doubt that NY and America desperately needs

June 11, 2010

Excellent video of Gary Berntsen and supporters at the NY GOP Convention!   (please watch all the wy through, important comments in the latter half)

Mr Berntsen is the Republican nominee, (should be the conservative nominee *), and is supported by several Patriots for America, Conservative Society, and Tea Party groups throughout the state.

* Staunch defender of the Constitution, Limited Government, Free enterprise as a Fiscal conservative, and endorses the teaching of US history and our Founders core values in America’s educational institutions. 

Gary Berntsen believes that our future is bright and that New York and America’s best days are still in front of us. However, the economic and physical threats to our state and nation continue to grow and must be met aggressively by leaders in Washington. Unfortunately, Senator Schumer and his peers in Washington have failed to meet these security threats – leaving our state and nation vulnerable.

Our overwhelming national debt threatens our nation with far greater economic troubles than those we are now experiencing and our own tax and regulatory systems are giving foreign competition a huge advantage. Amazingly, Washington’s only response to these crises seems to be to spend, tax and regulate even more!

Internationally, we are now seeing foreign nations and rogue organizations working harder than ever to attack us here within our shores. As evidenced by the recently foiled attack in Times Square, the threats aimed at our state and nation have not diminished, but instead continue to evolve. Washington’s response? They have given the terrorists greater rights than our own men and women in uniform and cut spending for anti-terror efforts in New York City!

America is the greatest nation on earth, but we have strayed from our core principles to the detriment of our security. Today we are at great risk, personally and collectively, from economic threats and international volatility.

Senator Schumer has ignored these security threats for too long. It is time for him to go.

“I will take the fight to senator Schumer in every city, town and village in this great state. This vote of confidence from my fellow Republicans proves that this Party is not afraid of Chuck Schumer, his bloated $21million war chest, his Washington contacts or his crony special interests.”

~ ~ ~

Gary Berntsen, a retired decorated CIA Officer, is a candidate for the U.S. Senate in New York. He was born in Bethpage and raised in Smithtown, New York.

Gary is married to Estela and the father of three. His son is an Army Officer serving in an Airborne Unit in Afghanistan. His oldest daughter served as a Naval Intelligence Officer in the Pacific and Persian Gulf.

Gary is a life-long Republican, committed to: reigning in the out-of-control spending habits of Washington; implementing national security and foreign policy approaches that are in the best interest of America, rather than the current approach of policy and appeasement; and preserving small business and the jobs they provide. In 2008, Gary served as the New York Veterans Coalition Chairman for the Presidential Campaign of Senator John McCain. He has committed his life to public service.

Gary served four years in the United States Air Force as a Crash Firefighter and achieved the rank of Sergeant. He then served 23 years in the Central Intelligence Agency ‘s Clandestine Service, and served on three separate occasions as a CIA Station Chief, in both the middle east and in latin america. Gary is one of CIA ‘s most highly decorated officers having received CIA ‘s Distinguished Intelligence Medal and CIA ‘s Intelligence Star. He retired from CIA in 2005.

Gary is the author of the New York Times bestseller Jawbreaker, a novel The Walk-In, and a policy book entitled Human Intelligence Counterterrorism and National Leadership. He is a renowned expert on national security and counterterrorism, having done over 200 television and radio interviews.  He frequently appears as a national security expert on Fox News and CNN.  In 2007-2008, Gary returned to Afghanistan for a year as civilian advisor to the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) and worked against militant Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Networks.  Since 2008, Gary has worked as both a lecturer and a defense consultant.


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