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Ny State Budget mess – continued

June 10, 2010
Senador Pedro Espada Jr, Paterson

UPDATE: “Thug! Lame-duck! Blackmail! It’s Paterson vs. Diaz/Espada in vicious budget battle. Pro wrestling would kill for the vindictive, no-holds-barred storyline unfolding in the state Capitol. State Sens. Pedro Espada and Ruben Diaz teamed up against Gov. Paterson yesterday in a budget battle featuring personal jabs as subtle as sledgehammers. “We cannot let an unelected lame-duck governor that no one in the state wants to actually decide this [budget] by himself in a piecemeal fashion,” said Espada, miffed over the spending cuts Paterson has tucked into short-term emergency plans.” Full story

Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. said he intends to vote to extend last year’s spending plan but hopes it will lead to moving the process to a real budget for this year. He said he had been concerned that the next extender would include cuts to public education desired by Gov. David Paterson, but the governor is not planning school aid reductions in the next appropriation bill, to be ready for passage on Monday. Instead he will likely slip in cuts to mental health and human services spending. Espada said he is supportive of the cigarette tax increase that Paterson is expected to include in the next extender of last year’s budget. He said it is important to begin serious discussion about revenue raisers.” 
“The New York senator who set off a debilitating coup in the chamber a year ago says he’ll vote against any more emergency spending bills, even at the risk of shutting down government.  Sen. Pedro Espada Jr., a Bronx Democrat, tells The Associated Press that he won’t give the Democratic majority the 32nd vote needed next week to pass a short-term spending bill that would keep government running in the absence of a completed budget. Instead, he says he’ll force the Senate leadership — which he says has been out-negotiated in the budget process — to work through the weekend to seal a deal with the Assembly and governor.”
Illuzzi: Members of the legislature want to begin summer recess, go home & run for reelection, bottom line. So expect a budget by the end of the month pehaps next week should the gov agree to borrowing two billion or a little less. 
Joe Illuzzi


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