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One smart move, Two dumb moves: Stay away from the corrupt Working Families Party

June 8, 2010

New York Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins urges Working Families to join the Greens following the surrender of WFP leadership

For Immediate Release:
June 6, 2010

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee for Governor, welcomed today the support of any Working Families Party members who still wanted to support a progressive third party.

Working Party leaders earlier today decided to bow to the demands of Andrew Cuomo and failed to nominate a slate of statewide candidates for the fall elections. The leaders decided instead that they would just give their statewide ballot line to whichever candidates win the Democratic primary – provided that Cuomo even decides then it is ok to accept the WFP line. Cuomo has previously said that he wants to see how officials conclude their investigations into the WFP’s financing of their election efforts. Although Independence Party financial irregularities in conjunction with the Bloomberg campaign doesn’t similarly bother Cuomo.

The WFP, along with much of the media, promotes the party as a progressive alternative.

fyi Hawkins is also a teamster union member, so when it comes to the WFP he fits right in.

Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul
Kathy Hochul
A hugh crowd of Hochul supporters packed Fontana’s Grove on the eve of the petition progress for a fundraiser.  Democrats were joined by Conservatives, Republicans, Independence and Working Family Party members who support Kathy Hochul’s re-election bid for County Clerk.  The County Clerk spoke of changing government from within— refering  to the overwhelming praise received from the public for her efforts to revolutionize the  auto bureau experience and for the cost-saving initiatives instituted in the past three years.
With as popular as we understand Hochul is, and with having the support of such a cross section of all the major parties, why would she mess around with the corrupt WFP!
It’s really too bad and we do proclaim that if you are receiving support from the WFP, whether endorsements, finances, or both,
Cuomo’s rejection of the WFP line in November puts the line in real jeopardy; without a viable candidate the WFP will not attract the necessary 50,000 voters to the line & will lose the line like the Liberal Party some years ago.
Interesting the Conservative Party line on the other side of the political spectrum is also in question if Lorigo is successful in September. We believe Lorigo or Paladino, all respect, will not. …

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