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Buffalo, we have a problem!

June 8, 2010
Tea Party links & updates)
 “The Tea Party Coalition of WNY issued three endorsements after its Candidates Night yesterday in Depew, New York, said its Chairman Allen Coniglio.

The group endorsed Judge Jeff Voelkl for State Supreme Court; Ken Case for Erie County Court, and Matthew Ricchiazzi for state senate in the 60th district against incumbent Antoine Thompson.

Other candidates who participated in the event included: David DiPietro, previously endorsed by the Coalition for state senate in the 59th district; Jill Rowland and Michael Giuliano (Congress, 28th district); and Mike Kuzma, Jack Quinn, Jr. and Tom Casey (state senate, 58th district).” …

“Hello Joe, This Rus Thompson character sure is one political whore…and him and his Paladino henchmen seem to have taken complete control of Erie County. He sent out an email earlier today threatening renegade “tea party” groups that they should not claim to be “tea party” groups—or else he will have to expose them. His machine put forth Rowland for the 28th District after she was running for two months or more in the 27th. No reason for this has been offered yet but we know  theThompson-Paladino axis had more than a little something to do with it.”  Mike  …

“Please be advised that a “Candidates Night” on Friday June 4th at the Polish Falcons Club, is being hosted by a nebulous group calling themselves the Tea Party Coalition of Western New York.  Though members, such as Jim Ostrowski, who’s kind of a self annointed Tea King and guru, and Allen Coniglio have been repeatedly asked who comprises this group,  they have not been forthcoming.

It has been requested that any announcements or endorsements made by this group name who comprises it, or specifically exclude those listed below, but our request has been  denied. Even calling them a group is stretching it. It is a few individuals that are trying to co-opt and take  advantage of all others hard work and grab the momentum. We will have none of this. A number have candidates who planned to participate in this event have become aware,  and are declining to participate.
We, I have nothing to do with these individuals. Their intention is to become a “Party”….. People are confused and think that WE are part of them, we are not. If this continues I will expose them in the media.”  Russ Thompson …
Paladino’s right hand man former Republican Russ Thompson, that’s him above in his revolutionary war thingy, a few months back registered as a democrat in order to primary Antoine Thompson in the NYS Senate 60th. Thompson (Russ) then failed to get on the GOP line.
Thompson a registered dem has been vilifying the dems most of his activist life now he is what he hated the most. He changed affiliations back in 2009 so that he could get his year of legal residency in & run in 2010. ###

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