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Today’s Ny state news

June 7, 2010


NY TIMES: The End for Rangel Appears Greatly Exaggerated. The 40-year Congressional career of Representative Charles B. Rangel seemed to come apart over the last year and a half, amid an unrelenting swirl of accusations that he dodged taxes, hoarded rent-stabilized apartments and accepted corporate-sponsored junkets to the Caribbean. Full story 

NY DAILY NEWS: Gov. Paterson leaps onto stage – literally – as he backs Rep. Charles Rangel’s reelection rally. It was a small step for Charlie Rangel‘s political future – but a giant leap for Gov. Paterson. Full story

TIMES UNION: Independence Party picks its AG candidate. Long Island lawyer Democrat Stephen Lynch gets nod during brief convention held in Colonie. Unable to agree on a major party candidate, the Independence Party designated a politically little-known lawyer from Long Island as its pick for attorney general.

 NY DAILY NEWS: Showdown simmering over Independence Party Attorney General nod. The state Independence Party has made “no promises” on backing a candidate for attorney general, well-placed sources insist, setting up New York‘s largest minor party for a possible showdown between its main benefactor and its new standard-bearer. Mayor Bloomberg, an Indy ally and donor, made it clear he wanted Row C to go to Republican Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan. Instead, the party went with a placeholder candidate in what was viewed by observers as a snub to the mayor.

(note we don’t advocate anything that Bloomberg does, but are supporting Donovan, especially given the choices.) 

TIMES UNION: GOP seeks fiscal edge. Republicans exploit U.S. Rep. Scott Murphy’s support of stimulus spending, health care bill Last year, U.S. Rep. Scott Murphy campaigned hard on reviving the economy with help from a $787 billion federal stimulus bill. But that strategy will hurt his chances for re-election. Full story

NY POST: Paterson plays budget chicken. If state lawmakers think today’s vote on slashing hundreds of millions of dollars in health-care spending from the state budget is a tough one, wait until next Monday. It’ll only get worse.  That’s the message from Gov. Paterson’s emboldened administration, which is vowing to escalate its new and unprecedented tactic of putting major spending cuts into the weekly “extenders” that have kept the state functioning without a completed budget since April 1. See state screen

NY POST: NY passes students who get wrong answers on tests. When does 2 + 2 = 5? When you’re taking the state math test. Despite promises that the exams — which determine whether students advance to the next grade — would not be dumbed down this year, students got “partial credit” for wrong answers after failing to correctly add, subtract, multiply and divide. Some got credit for no answer at all. “They were giving credit for blatantly wrong things,” said an outraged Brooklyn teacher who was among those hired to score the fourth-grade test. Full story

DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE: The conventions are over, but Republicans and Democrats are gearing up for a number of primaries this September.This unusual political season, in which New Yorkers will choose officeholders for every statewide post, includes Republican primaries for governor and both U.S. Senate seats, and a five-way race on the Democratic side for attorney general. Primary day is Sept. 14. Full story

DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE: Proposal to expand DNA database sparks debate. Gov. David Paterson is backing a wide-ranging expansion of the state’s DNA database to include all people convicted of a felony or even a “misdemeanor” crime, a measure that raises the concerns of privacy advocates. Full story

NY TIMES: To Avoid Voter Rage, Democrats Skip Town Halls. The reception that Representative Frank Kratovil Jr., a Democrat, received here one night last week as he faced a small group of constituents was far more pleasant than his encounters during a Congressional recess last summer.


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