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Lazio vs Cuomo and Wilson vs Dinapoli, RE: WFP

June 5, 2010
June 4, 2010

Lazio’s Weapon Of Choice V. Cuomo: The WFP »

By Celeste Katz

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GOP gubernatorial hopeful Rick Lazio got in touch a bit ago to lay into Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo regarding the recent stories about Cuomo and the controversial Working Families Party.

As you know by now, the word is that Cuomo tried to lean on the WFP to stick placeholders in for the governor’s and attorney general’s slots at their convention this weekend. (The reasoning there being, of course, that if and when the WFP clears up its federal investigation issues, Cuomo could take the line later.)

Bad Idea Jeans, says Lazio. (Ok, that’s my paraphrase.)

“The question is: Why is Cuomo doing what he’s doing?” asked Lazio.

“Listen, it’s obvious that there is no principle involved in Cuomo’s attempt to get a placeholder on the WPF line. It’s a typical Albany political game. If he agrees with the ideas of the WFP — and he obviously has, because he’s accepted their past endorsement in 2006 — then I guess he should take the line. If he doesn’t agree with it, then he shouldnt’ attempt to get a placeholder. He should reject them outright.”

“This is another illustration that Andrew Cuomo will never do what’s right because it’s right. He’ll do what he can get away with — and what’s right for Andrew Cuomo.”

Lazio said he personally wouldn’t take the line (no surprise there, and not like it’s been offered or anything) because he doesn’t believe in what the WFP stands for and thinks it’s “a tainted party ethically.” He also argues that some of what Cuomo’s talking about now, such as trimming the state workforce, is at odds with his past rhetoric and is conveniently retooled to fit today’s issues.

“This is all typical Albany maneuvering and manipulation. It’s not straight. It’s a deception,” he said.

Lazio, of course, isn’t the only Republican using the WFP cudgel to bash the Dems: Cases in point include David Malpass, who’s trying to get into the November race against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and state Comptroller hopeful Harry Wilson, who’s hoping to unseat incumbent Democrat Tom DiNapoli.

Harry Wilson, the GOP nominee for state comptroller (and recent recipient of the state Independence Party line, probably to DiNapoli’s chagrin), is already out of the box bashing DiNapoli for taking the WFP line.

Harry Wilson on Tom DiNapoli taking the WFP line.

“It is mind-boggling that Mr. DiNapoli would accept the endorsement of a political party that works day in and day out to raise the taxes of actual New York working families. Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats, including a Democratic candidate for Attorney General, have taken the principled position of rejecting the WFP because of its extreme left-wing ideology — and because it is under investigation by the United States Attorney. Of course, Mr. DiNapoli is, himself, under investigation by the office of the New York State Attorney General.

“Mr. DiNapoli is supposed to be serving as the taxpayers’ watchdog, not as the lapdog of the ACORN-inspired WFP. They are the very people agitating for higher government spending, higher taxes, and higher debt on our children. Once again, Mr. DiNapoli disappoints.”


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