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Fight liberal media bias, balance your intake of information, utilize the following

February 28, 2010

Dear Fellow Patriots and concerned citizens,

The media coverage we digest on a daily basis is full of pundits and journalists who claim to be non-partisan but reak of liberal bias. For every one journalist that made a donation to the McCain campaign, 15 journalists donated to the Obama campaign (Zogby Poll as quoted on the Sean Hannity Show, 7/25/08).

To balance your intake of information, improve your education, and provide yourself with genuine intellectual entertainment we suggest you utilize the following sources of information.

Mark Levin Show
Brent and Drew’s favorite resource, Mr. Levin (known to many as “the Great One” for good reason) has the 3rd most listened to radio show in the country (airing at 6PM on fine radio stations across the country) and quickly gaining ground. He is the most brash, outspoken and possibly informed of all the pundits. After listening once you’ll be a believer.

Glenn Beck
Drew’s favorite pundit, Glenn approaches the news in a refreshingly energetic and entertaining way. A bit on the crazy side, he is an excellent resource for the day to day happenings of the world and a worthy counter balance to the left leaning media.

The Rush Limbaugh Shows
The Rush Limbaugh Show is the most listened to radio talk show in America, broadcast on over 600 radio stations nationwide. It is hosted by America’s Anchorman, Rush Limbaugh, also known as: America’s Truth Detector; the Doctor of Democracy; the Most Dangerous Man in America; the All-Knowing, All-Sensing, All-Everything Maha Rushie; defender of motherhood, protector of fatherhood and an all-around good guy.

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity has the second most listened to radio program in the country (after Rush Limbaugh) which airs from 3-6PM. He is also the host of “Hannity” that airs on the FOX news network at 9PM weeknights. Mr. Hannity is thoughtful in his demeanor and rational in his logic.

Andrew Wilkow
Andrew Wilkow is THE voice for young conservatives and a leader of our generation’s call to action. Well spoken, well prepared and the most approachable (you can most easily get on his show) he reaches 10s of thousands of listeners daily on Sirius satellite radio.

The Cato Institute
The mission of the Cato Institute, a Libertarian think-tank, is to increase the understanding of public policies based on the principles of limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and peace. The Institute will use the most effective means to originate, advocate, promote, and disseminate applicable policy proposals that create free, open, and civil societies in the United States and throughout the world.

The Heritage Foundation
The Heritage Foundation is the nation’s most broadly supported public policy research institute, with more than 410,000 individual, foundation and corporate donors. Heritage, founded in February 1973, has a staff of 244 and an expense budget of $61 million.

The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University
The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University, is a public policy research center devoted to the advanced study of politics, economics, and political economy—both domestic and foreign—as well as international affairs. With its world-renowned group of scholars and ongoing programs of policy-oriented research, the Hoover Institution puts its accumulated knowledge to work as a prominent contributor to the world marketplace of ideas defining a free society.


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