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2010 The year of reckoning

February 14, 2010

If you are running for Congress Please download this booklet Click Here to Download

The F.L.I.P Principles
The F.L.I.P. Principles provide a clear and concise philosophical foundation for the Flip The House effort. These Principles are rooted in the founding of our nation and seek to guide our nation in restoring the founding ideals of liberty and limited government.

We propose that every candidate for elected office support these F.L.I.P. Principles:

F-Free Markets
Perhaps never before has the ideal of the free market been under assault. The rising tide of statism and the nationalization of industry are undermining the free market upon which our prosperity and our American dream are founded. Flip This House boldly calls for a return to the ideal of the Free Market.

L-Limited Government
The founders of this nation designed
into the very structure of our Constitution strict limits on the power and authority of federal government. They feared what we face — an ever-expanding federal state that ultimately consumes all liberties. In order to FLIP This House, we must return to a more humble and constitutional view of the power of the federal government.

I-Individual & Family Liberties
In today’s politically correct world, our entire conception of “rights” has been turned on its head. For example, a “right” to healthcare has become an entitlement to get something from society instead of my individual liberty to pursue my own health needs. Likewise, the individual’s associations — family, church, business — have become a threat to the statist ideal. The F.L.I.P Principles uphold personal and family liberties against the all-consuming state.

P-Private Property & Prosperity

The statist regime of nationalization, excessive taxation and regulation has all-but destroyed the American ideal of private property. Our nation was literally built on the promise and security of private property. Private property is the foundation of our prosperity. Any candidate for public office must affirm and uphold the ideal of private property over and above this rising tide of statism.

The F.L.I.P Platform
We propose that House Flippers across this nation only support candidates for public office who are committed to the FLIP Principles and the FLIP Platform (below).

The FLIP Platform offers a simple, clear slate of positions that directly challenge Big Government Statism. These principles are non-partisan and can be supported by candidates of all parties.

We propose that every candidate for elected office pledge his or her commitment to these F.L.I.P. Principles:

F-FIX the size of Government
Government is out of control. The FY 2009 deficit has approached $2 trillion and the total unfunded liability of our government has eclipsed $100 trillion.

The only solution is to specifically limit the amount of money Congress can spend. That’s why we propose that the size of the federal government be FIXED (i.e. limited) to never exceed 20% of the prior year’s Gross Domestic Product. The platform states:

As member of Congress or other elected office, I will oppose any federal budget that exceeds 20% of the prior fiscal year’s GDP and will support efforts by legislation or constitutional amendment to specifically limit the spending of the federal government to not exceed 20% of prior year’s GDP.

L–Limit Taxes
To understand our current crisis of statism, one simply needs to follow the money. The federal government’s excessive power is directly linked to the federal government’s excessive and oppressive power of taxation. Federal taxation is excessive in its amount and oppressive in its scheme. The solution is clear: abolish the income tax scheme and establish ONE consolidated federal tax that is not hidden or obscured and every American can understand. The platform states:

As a member of Congress or other elected office, I support the abolishment of the Income Tax and the currently oppressive multi-tiered federal taxation system. I support the establishment of ONE consolidated federal tax that can be debated in the open forum and understood by every American.

II–IMPOSE Term Limits

The era of institutionalized politicians must end… immediately. That’s why we must immediately impose term limits on Congress. No Member of Congress will be allowed to serve more than 12 years in the Senate (two terms) or 12 years in the House (six terms), or a total of 18 years in both. After that, step aside and let someone else serve. The platform states:

As a member of Congress or other elected office, I support establishing by Constitutional amendment a specific limit on the number of years an individual can serve in Congress: 12 years in the Senate, 12 years in the House or a total of 18 years in both.

P–PURGE Nationalization of Industry
In recent months, businesses and even entire sectors of our economy have been nationalized by the federal government (the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the U.S. auto industry, insurance (AIG), and student loans to name a few). Others are on the brink of nationalization (health care and energy). Soon, government will directly manage or control more than half our economy. It’s time to PURGE our nation’s of its socialist appetite and return these businesses and industries to the private sector where they belong. The platform states:

As a member of Congress or other elected office, I pledge to oppose any and all efforts to nationalize or otherwise control private sector industries. Specifically, I oppose the recent nationalization of much of the U.S. auto industry and home mortgage industry. The federal government must get out of the business of running American business.

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The Mount Vernon Statement

Constitutional Conservatism:
A Statement for the 21st Century

We recommit ourselves to the ideas of the American Founding. Through the Constitution, the Founders created an enduring framework of limited government based on the rule of law. They sought to secure national independence, provide for economic opportunity, establish true religious liberty and maintain a flourishing society of republican self-government.

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